Story and Vision

JR SUITS has its roots in Europe. It started off from custom suits
designed by Dr. h.c Jon Rosenberg in Germany. We consider us to be
a worldly, open-minded brand.
Our focus is to stand out and not to blend in. JR SUITS is modern,
highly sophisticated and the goals are to meet the demands of global citizens.  

The brand identifies itself to be genuine and authentic. Different in
a way that we strive for progression- a modern, futuristic approach
in suit design which complements our lifestyle in the 21st century
and beyond. Our vision is to offer high-performance, cosmopolitan
designer suits.  

All suits depicted in JR websites are proudly worn by the designer
himself. Be the best you can be. 


We provide a great range from contemporary to modern suit styles.
JR SUITS embodies the art of elegance and futurism.
Our distinct trademarks are red button hole details and stichting.
Furthermore we provide unique lapel button hole stitching that creates
a truly unique suit-wear experience. The focus is to cross the barriers
and innovate. We believe that whatever type of body you may have,

We can make you look outstanding.

JR SUITS offer “P-Fit and E-Fit”, perfect and elegant fit. The characteristics
Are exceptional experience through body slim-fit wear, which elegantly
Hugs your body gently. The feeling is like wearing a perfect made glove.
It just fits and most importantly it is not too tight but yet it makes you
Look taller, sharper, smarter and awesome.

Stability & Durability

Our main selections are compromised of all-season suits. Apart of aesthetics, we want our suits to endure the highest stress and longevity as possible. Thus, we emphasize on

-High performance through sophisticated suit construction
-Wrinkle free or minimize wrinkles (depending suit model and fabrics)
-Through extensive R&D (Research & Development), we strive for
innovative methods in order to make JR SUITS best for all weather
conditions and seasons.
-Depending on the suit model, we offer high UV protection and great water
repellent features


Wear good, feel good: JR SUITS main collection are made of high quality wool mix and extravagant fabrics. We decided to specialize in multi-functional fabrics which fulfill our requirements for high-performing and enhanced suits. Our love is not just for pure wool, but also adding a good portion of silk, mohair and cashmere blend.

Moreover we focus on continuous technological evolutions in the process of suit-making. We take it to the higher level and this underlines our commitment to be innovative and to be at the very top tier designer menswear. In order to accomplish our vision, we always look into integrating new elements to make the suit cooler, literally. Next generation synthetic fibers are the key and we make use of them, especially with high-tech polyester from Japan.




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